I help people discover, articulate and integrate their creative surplus. By cultivating a changing point of view, we can put language on the experience of being and communicate from the inside out, in subjective terms rather than holding absolutes assigned to us by the world.

As we navigate our ways of being, we negotiate fun, creativity, and value with roles and responsibilities.

  • Primary Condition: abstract, impossible to articulate to another person (top of the mountain)
  • Oscillation: our roles in the world, understood in subjective terms (ridges)
  • Activities: job descriptions, discrete goals, inter-subjective to objective (creeks)


Working with Nitzan was a dream. He began coaching our team during Covid, and as we were deep within the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement — two incredibly intense times for us as people as well as a staff shepherding a diverse and vulnerable community. With Nitzan, we found the time to step away from the urgent to-do’s of our daily work, and take the time to be together as a team. Taking pleasure in our work, and each other’s company. Nitzan pushed us to test our implicit habits, and through gentle coaching, helped to guide us towards framing up new norms that would keep up grounded and growing through tough times.

—Stephanie Pereira, NEW INC Director (2018-2020)

I’ve known Nitzan for years, first in our time doing Altmba and then again as a member in his weekly Thirdness network. Nitzan recently helped me design and launch a project I have been sitting on for quite some time. Nitzan coaching is friendly, process-driven and approachable. In the 6 weeks we worked together, I was able to accomplish what I set out to and have a plan for sustainability.

—Kristy Zadrozny (marriage and family therapist)

Nitzan is connecting AI, cybernetics and human beings in an un-common manner. He is able to develop and explain models of human behaviors in a new way, questioning our relationships to others, our decision making process, our vulnerability. Conversations with Nitzan have always helped me take some steps back, deepen, rephrase and articulate my understanding of human interactions. Nitzan was able to guide us in complex projects touching the irrational side of human beings.

—Marie Bois, Cartier