Critical Business School

William Merritt Chase’s 10th St. Studio

Critical Business School is a monthly workshop series for life-long learners who seek creativity, and context for their practice, in a changing world.

In the space between Harvard Business Review and Aeon.

You will meet and co-create. We are here to support exploration through conversation and open-mindedness. We are your creative sherpas. The same way that climbing the same mountain can mean different things for different people is learning together can teach us different things…

It is an art class for those who understand their creativity as the first step to integrate it into daily work and businesses as the world continues to change.

Like art class, the question we will ask will be the model in the middle of the room. Through conversation, we will identify and hold on to intuition moments, hold them to the light — expand on them, and make them useful.

Thirdness is an invitation to those who have to be anything other than our full selves in the world. It is the opposite of I am a designer, looking for a designer’s space, to talk about designer-y things.” All of those things are products, and you are a process.

Life-Long Learning for a Changing World

Do you have a creative surplus? Creativity that no one is asking for is left with you at the end of the day, after fulfilling your roles and duties. Without care and attention, these become background noise, or worse yet as professional resentment.

Circles are a space of co-creation with no plan nor goals. They are an expedition into your interests. We show up in different ways, and it is on the space to afford differences, to allow for a safe dialogue. We are not assuming a role. We don’t have any kind of invisible lines that, that funnel a conversation.

Oh, phew, I’m gonna go ahead and just take that wig off and just like, let it all hang out and be me.”


A series of workshops, groups are small (4 people), every Friday noon ET. Four hours per month, $400 per month.

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Nitzan has an innate talent for facilitating thought-provoking discussions by bringing people across a wide spectrum of interests and backgrounds together around the common goal of reflection, intention, and community. Collaborating with Nitzan is like entering an orbit of creativity and motivation.”

Nitzan has an incredible capacity for facilitating groups of creative leaders to grow, create, imagine, and collaborate in unexpected and exciting ways.“

What I did, and co-created, was far beyond my imagination, and I am very grateful for that.”

It is a wild, wonderful garden in a time of utter flatness. It moved beyond that monoculture feeling of every other Slack and Discord group, hammering on the same idea from industry experts.Instead, Nitzan built this beautiful permaculture, allowing us all to grow and contribute at our own pace. In the right way, I felt slightly out of place, encountering voices and perspectives from wild and different fields.”

In a serendipity starved world, Thirdness is a ray of light. Every encounter I have with the community is like bumping into your smartest friend after ten years, moments after they’ve just finished a major project they want to tell everyone about. It’s open, energising, thought-provoking and entirely necessary in the world we find ourselves in right now.”


  • Is it a big thoughts” salon where participants can express ideas?

You might think of it as a space for small ideas.” Every big idea” starts from a small” personal space, and this is what CBS aims to help people understand.

Our previous prompts:



  1. Jan: What does studio culture mean without a studio?
  2. Feb: What is the role of speculative design, and forecasting, when living through speculative times?
  3. March: Coaching Skills for Non Coaches
  4. April: Purpose or Paycheck
  5. May: Where is the Metaverse?
  6. June: Value and Utility
  7. July: Programming and Knowledge
  8. August: Science, Creativity
  9. September: Performance
  10. October: Complexity, Prompts, Resilience
  11. November: Media, Mediation
  12. December: Consistency, Persistence


  1. Upcoming: Jan: Expectations, Feedback, Aesthetics
  2. Feb: The Marketplace of Ideas

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