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Meaning Oct 19, 2021 Weekly-note Source Where do you go to look for meaning? We might find meaning in solitude, walking in nature, or through a meaningful conversation. We can Opinion Oct 11, 2021 Weekly-note Source How might we stop before landing on an opinion? Can we hover above and hold space for ourselves to look at things differently? When we Spreadsheets Oct 5, 2021 Weekly-note Source When we work efficiently, we become like machines. It is not to say that we have no emotions, but we operate systematically through Easy Sep 27, 2021 Weekly-note Source What is something hard that is easy for you, or what is something easy that is hard for you? The line between comfort, friction, work, and Understandability Sep 20, 2021 Weekly-note Source It is industrial inertia and a flawed education system that oversell clarity. In school, we need to give a clear answer to a question, and in Meditation Sep 13, 2021 Weekly-note Source Meditation is where we find meaning, an overview perspective, a shift in ‘the camera.’ Is it different from thinking? is it a moment or a Success Sep 10, 2021 Weekly-note Source As part of thinking about places where we use other people’s language to understand ourselves, one of the most prevalent concepts is Sustainable Marketing Sep 7, 2021 Weekly-note Source What is ‘sustainable marketing’? Not to be confused with marketing for a sustainable business, but the act of marketing which does not create Measurement Aug 31, 2021 Weekly-note Source Measurement is one form of feedback, and a shared one at that. We can compare numbers quantitively across different narratives, timestamps, Personal Scale Aug 24, 2021 Weekly-note Source While scale is a topic I think about a great deal, I appreciate that I make my living through coaching and running initiatives such as CBS, DAO and Social Web Aug 18, 2021 Weekly-note Source I was signing up to Mirror when I realized I had to be voted in after posting a reply to a short answer. That got me thinking. Does the Discernment Aug 17, 2021 Weekly-note Can you trust anyone who is always nice? How generous is a blind optimist? “When someone challenges you, take it as a compliment. They could have Generosity Aug 10, 2021 Weekly-note Thoughtfulness is the magnetic field between generosity and discernment. Being generous in a professional setting can take different shapes, Boredom Aug 3, 2021 Weekly-note Source Is boredom a precursor to creativity, or a state to be avoided? What about when a child comes to their parents and says “I am bored” as if it Mediums Aug 1, 2021 Weekly-note You may know that I closed Thirdness’ slack last year and reflected on the reasons behind it. As our collective routine keeps on changing, our Practice Jun 30, 2021 Weekly-note Source Where is your practice? Can you point at it? Does your practice exist in the world as projects, awards, and public recognition? Or can it be Ceremonial Thinking Jun 9, 2021 Weekly-note Ceremonial thinking is not generous. It makes for disingenuous commerce when everyone knowingly sells to each other. Or status seeking intellectual Intellectual Base Jun 1, 2021 Weekly-note As we encounter a changing world, we will try and orient ourselves using existing concepts. Those are anchored to intellect, bound by value, and Culture of Products May 25, 2021 Weekly-note Source Decades of internet culture have created an axiomatic reality of outsourcing language. The truism, ‘there is an app for that’ is the escapism Editorial, Pedagogical, and Transformational May 5, 2021 Weekly-note & Essays Editorial space (/mediums) communicate the known. I know something (reporter, writer) and pass it on to you. Pedagogical spaces (say in a university Utility and Value Apr 21, 2021 Weekly-note Modern life conflates utility and value. Value is observer-specific; it is intrinsic meaning, situational context. It is primarily subjective and