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Useless Change Sep 24, 2021 Prompt Source Talking about change without changing is useless. Talking about ambiguity and uncertainty, while expecting clarity is self-defeating. Please Actively Not-Caring Jul 22, 2021 Prompt Marshall Islands Navigation Chart Actively not caring is not the same as passively ignoring or procrastinating. Walking down a supermarket aisle and Heavy-lift Jul 19, 2021 Prompt A recent conversation had me meditate on a framework, or at least space, to articulate the value (and the strenuous moment that creates it) in Advantage Jun 25, 2021 Prompt Source It is the tradition of humans to hold a distinct intellectual advantage over machines. This started to change with the dedication of ENIAC Media Jun 15, 2021 Prompt “The Cactaceae: descriptions and illustrations of plants of the cactus family” (1919-1923.) When we look for scale, we become a media business.