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Closing Thirdness Sep 2, 2021 Circles & Essays Source After a year and a half, I decided to close Thirdness to focus on Critical Business School, coaching, and making space for whatever needs to Further thoughts on Thirdness Aug 9, 2021 Circles & Essays Back in Feb 2020, I started an experiment, I started a paid members community in exchange for a social contract. A year and a half later, Thirdness Building a Doing Space Jun 16, 2021 Circles & Essays St. Paul School of Fine Arts classes Every Friday in 2021, I invited four people to a new type of space. A place where we set a monthly focal point, A Circle is Not a Community May 20, 2021 Circles “Shells and sea-life” (1901) Communities celebrate connectivity; they look for numbers, scale, and group cohesion. An admin validates a slack group Connection, Meditation, and Communication Apr 19, 2021 Circles Human technology includes organizations, brands, institutions, email, and architecture. In opposition to natural technology: ecosystems, sonar Creative Surplus Apr 19, 2021 Circles & Essays In the summer of 2015, I was finishing a wonderful engagement with CO: Collective with the big question of: how could we reframe MoMA’s relevance in Communities to Circles Apr 19, 2021 Essays & Circles In the days of COVID and social unrest, many of us look for deeper connections. If before we could mix online relationships with offline On CBS Apr 19, 2021 Circles Over the last couple of months, I spent every Friday in Critical Business School (CBS). A new format operates on similar principles as Thirdness, a Building a Meta-Community Apr 19, 2021 Circles & Essays Back in February of 2020, in what seems like a different universe, I decided to embark on an experiment. After years of running dinners, salons, and