The world of complexity deals with non-linearity.

In time, knowledge, reasoning, it is the meta concept that lines exist, but their direction and interaction are open, and any phenomenon they constitute is momentary and fleeting.

It is a meta-science because it asks to design its faculty before a scientist could make generalizations. For that fact, it is uniquely accessible for those who travel in their practice.

It invites views of the future of work, personal fulfillment, thoughtful commerce, and localism.

The writing here operates on principles of complexity, albeit already integrated with a set of concepts I have been simmering on for a few years.

Suppose you find yourself looking to diverge (/enrich) to incorporate later (/make generative) something undefined. In that case, I invite you to think about the metaspace that will allow you to philosophize your day today. The sport of philosophizing is not the same as the territory of philosophy.

What are some spaces (/people/books/etc.) in your vicinity which are generative which could be allies in philosophizing?

They can’t be dogmatic and should feel uncomfortable, carrying a sense of moving through ideas, and over time creating a mental image of positionality.

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