Over the last couple of months, I spent every Friday in Critical Business School (CBS). A new format operates on similar principles as Thirdness, a co-creation space, where people learn together but different things, where intellectual fencing is not allowed. The focus is on the range of conversation rather than any outcome.

No introductions

When we introduce ourselves, we tell who we are, and we also communicate who we are not. By doing so, we are limiting the range of conversations we let into the space. We become a sculptor of ourselves and converse with our in their sculptured way.

Finish on a Cliffhanger

I ask to commit to being able to attend all four sessions in full. And sessions end sharply. The idea is to make full use of the time together, recursively, and tending to the space, more so than any outcome. Prompts take place in breakout rooms. Once back, we share and discuss what came up in discussion, cross-pollinate and meet in discourse. The purpose is to confuse and then finish. Confusion is the energy that will materialize during the week.

Confusion is Energy

In the space of discourse, misunderstandings are useful. As our natural inclination is to feel oriented and grounded in our inertia, we can understand intuition by disturbing that and asking for reflection. And once our intuition is in language, we can build on it, add to it, make it accessible, and further actualize as thoughtful practitioners.

Keep a Notebook

As I briefly touched in Knowledge, I operate with a deep belief that the knowledge economy is failing to recognize the abundance it is swimming in, and insists on over-indexing, duplicating databases, resulting in waste of human energy, creativity, and co2 emission. The context something is said it is far more critical than the fact itself.

I use Grain to transcribe the conversation to reflect on how we said what we did and with what. We don’t answer prompts in a forum or a shared document; I invite people to bring a notebook and get their thoughts.

February’s Prompts and Questions The space is an art class, the question is the focal point, but no one looks at your canvas. We travel through our thoughts, meet in process (intersubjective space), and individually take stock of what emerges. We then choose to hold it to the light or leave it where we found it.

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