It is industrial inertia and a flawed education system that oversell clarity. In school, we need to give a clear answer to a question, and in a cautious business setting, we need to fit in.

We brand ourselves but forget that marketing asks for consistency and that people are dynamic systems, where influences inspire new ways of working. In many ways, the more affordances we want to have to change and adapt, the less clear we can afford to be. We need to negotiate with reality and see how much change we can afford.

Do we ought to be this one single clear line, or is it more of a gradient? a cloud, or maybe fog?

It is easy to forget that aesthetics and creativity rely on a departure from logic. We might feel a visceral pull towards an artwork or a garment, but we will not understand it. Somehow, we don't give ourselves the same permission.

Rather than asking to find clarity, the question is how clear you want to be.

This week's prompt is how understood do you want to be?

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