Ceremonial Thinking

Ceremonial thinking is not generous. It makes for disingenuous commerce when everyone knowingly sells to each other. Or status seeking intellectual discourse as often happens in academia if manners overshadow substance.

Ceremonies and rituals are essential aspects of social cohesion and the celebration of context, but acting ceremonially is cartoonish.

It is the sense-making, social axioms used disembodied as technology, inducing efficiency to human interaction.

When there is a binary outcome, say in commerce, it is easily notable, and when no one wants to feel like an outsider (academia).

A recent prompt in Thirdness was: when are you asked to be ceremonial? The conversation that followed was intriguing. One point that stayed with me was the right amount of noise (/confusion/diversity) one needs to add to their ceremonies to keep creative and sufficiently out of comfort?

It feels like an intuitive truism to write that entirely fitting in is never creative. This kind of inertia towards median cohesion crashes all new ideas under the weight of "group norms." ‌What is a verb for going in the other direction?