Culture of Products


Decades of internet culture have created an axiomatic reality of outsourcing language. The truism, 'there is an app for that' is the escapism that we don't need to directly talk a human being get our goal achieved. If there were no app, we would need to articulate a nuanced request, negotiate affordances, and receive an unstructured and possibly creative solution. In economic terms: a service, in social: nontheatrical advice.

The other aspect is that products create a communication theatre. We are all advertisers on the social media stage, looking for what to sell while seeking the best media placement.

If you have what to sell, then this is moot. But if you don't, I invite you to consider the monumental loss of communication you're subjecting yourself to by looking for vertical scale (more numbers of fixes utility) rather than horizontal (fewer people, increasing context/value).

Efficiency/scale-seeking actors (human and silicon-based) are saturating the product and the media space with linear thinking. There is a cosmic convergence we unnecessarily sign up for; I invite a conversation on context-crossing thoughtfulness, which can imagine a connection between self-actualization (/creative/future of work) and new forms of value.