The Cactaceae: descriptions and illustrations of plants of the cactus family” (1919-1923.)

When we look for scale, we become a media business. More’ means opting for rhetorical rather than transformational. It is less about changing people and about what can stick.’ The message must be clear, well placed, and meet people where they are.’ Somatically, it needs to move effortlessly, with clarity and no friction.

Such clarity must remove contexts, for what is context if not friction. In communication, context is the accent when we read a polished piece of text or an unplanned gesture when presenting. Moreover, in intersubjective spaces, the message is created independent of the communicator and the receiver rather than transacted.

This creates a chasm in the development of our practice or new ideas, or if we decide to make development the focus of our work. Such inertia for Scale (/more) is detrimental to our work and goals.

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