DAO and Social Web


I was signing up to Mirror when I realized I had to be voted in after posting a reply to a short answer.

That got me thinking.

Does the rising popularity of DAO mean that social media failed?

There is a clear gatekeeper, even if collective. And a lot of the current issues around contextless communication (Twitter) and chasing scale (numbers rather than value: more visitors, more likes) persist, if not exaggerated.

I invite you to an open conversation about these questions and more.

We will meet for a 60 min conversation:

  • No introductions
  • There are no speakers, which means there is no audience
  • No intellectual fencing; don’t mention a book or a dead philosopher (or a brand, or an agency): instead, state the logic, metaphor, or value
  • Prompt in breakout rooms, followed by a discussion
  • Space will be similar in spirit to CBS and Thirdness.

I organize CBS shots out of a commitment to get to the meaning, not the function of new technologies, focusing on mediums, communication, and creativity.

Sep 8th, 1 pm ET, 60 minutes → Sign up: https://pay.superpayit.com/link/WfZMEFQ

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