I help people discover their creative surplus by taking stock of their activities and cultivating a meta point of view (overview effect) of their place in the world.

In the process, we communicate in subjective rather than absolutes to shape inner thoughts and aesthetics. As we navigate our ways of being, we can integrate joy, creativity, and value with roles and responsibilities.

  • Primary Condition: abstract, impossible to articulate to another person (top of the mountain)
  • Oscillation: our roles in the world, understood in subjective terms (ridges)
  • Activities: job descriptions, discrete goals, inter-subjective to objective (creeks)


Nitzan is a phenomenal thinker, writer and connector.
Conversations with Nitzan have always helped me take some steps back, deepen, rephrase and articulate my understanding of human interactions.
Nitzan has the ability to keep your thinking going, to keep you on your toes. When you think you figured it out, he will throw you a curve ball that forces you to look at things from yet another perspective.
Conversations with Nitzan have taken me to a different place, using tools to step back, and then step back in, filter the noise and funnel down, built my intuitive decision making without me really realizing it.
Nitzan is highly personal and reflective. He has natural mentoring and teaching abilities that bring value to all of his engagements and to all those who work with him.

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