Generous Design, 2023

Year-long circle between coaching and Critical Business School. We will use the Principles of Generous Design as a focal point for our exploration and discourse. In hindsight, I realize this manifesto articulated personal philosophy in a time of change (from corporate innovation to coaching).

Each member will produce an artifact embedding a personal philosophy, and practices to support it.

More on the concept of personal philosophy in this image.

January: Interests
Ask yourself what you are interested in at least once a month.

Feb: Answers
Never try and learn answers. Always reflect on how you ask questions.

March: Challenges
When someone challenges you, take it as a compliment. They could have kept their mouth shut. Silence is the biggest offense.

April: Order
Order is overrated, and so are rules. Machines do both best.

May: Learning
Learn to identify moments of discomfort. That is learning.

June: Looking
Look at everything upside down.

July: Dance
Learn to dance with your words and thoughts.

August: Traveling
Be a traveler, not a conqueror.

September: Actions
Don’t think about the cause and effect of actions, focus on the design of environments.

October: Knowing
Love the unknown.

November: Caring
Always Care.

December: Feeling
Listen to Feelings.

Fridays in 2023, noon ET, for 60 minutes

$500 per month, $400 when subscribing (10% off when signing up before 12/1/22).

Everything Will Happen, 2023

Everything Will Happen is a non-technical, non-futuristic space to learn about AI and its practicality. We will use ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard to explore how language frames output and measure its usefulness.

AI literacy is the ability to understand and use AI technologies. The articulation and framing of input and output are essential for making informed decisions about using AI.

I am a designer, writer, and coach. After helping MoMA think about its future (with Co: Collective), I spent a couple of years deep diving into AI and augmentation (usefulness and uselessness) between 2012 and 2015. I have given a TEDx talk on AI and Design, been part of an academic grant on computational linguistics, and co-wrote the first Complexity Design course at the New School.

The group will meet weekly via Zoom call on Mondays at noon ET for $100 monthly. This call will provide an opportunity to learn the field's history, articulate insights and integrate one's opinions about the use and hype of automation.

The circle run for over 3 months in 2023 and is now closed.

More resources on design for AI and augmentation.

On Creativity, 2022

Circle on creativity and complexity – run through 2022, and closing down at the end of the year.

On Creativity is based on Thirdness and Critical Business School

$50 a month  

Thirdness, 2020 - 2021

Thirdness is a paid members group for life-long learners, a rehearsal room for thinking:

  • Process before product
  • Thirdness, not oneness
  • A space for small actions
  • $100 a month

Thirdness closed at the end of October 2021.

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Read more about the process and the work on circles as progression from traditional communities.

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  2. Communities to Circles 
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