Critical Business School

William Merritt Chase’s 10th St. Studio

Critical Business School is a monthly workshop series for life-long learners who seek creativity, and context for their practice, in a changing world.

In the space between Harvard Business Review and Aeon.

The same way a hike up a mountain means different things for different people, this is a place to collectively prompt, but individually refelct.

It is a container for discovery, framing, and reframing as the first step to integrating our creative surplus into our work.

After fulfilling your roles and duties, you might have a creative surplus: thoughts and ideas that don’t fit or don’t exist in language. These become background noise or professional resentment without care and attention.

Critical Business School is a container with no plan or goals. It is a place to get to know your practice. We can show up anew with no introductions and raise above any inertia towards agreement or collaboration.


A series of workshops groups are small (4 people), every Friday at noon ET. Four hours per month, $400 per month.

Read more about the process and the format.

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  1. What does studio culture mean without a studio?
  2. What is the role of speculative design, and forecasting, when living through speculative times?
  3. Coaching Skills for Non Coaches
  4. Purpose or Paycheck
  5. Where is the Metaverse?
  6. Value and Utility
  7. Programming and Knowledge
  8. Science, Creativity
  9. Performance
  10. Complexity, Prompts, Resilience
  11. Media, Mediation
  12. Consistency, Persistence
  13. Expectations, Feedback, Aesthetics
  14. The Marketplace of Ideas
  15. Practice and Collaboration
  16. Living Ideas
  17. Efficiency, Creativity, Effectiveness