Critical Business School

William Merritt Chase’s 10th St. Studio

Critical Business School is a monthly workshop series for life-long learners who seek creativity, and context for their practice, in a changing world.

In the space between Harvard Business Review and Aeon.

The same way a hike up a mountain means different things for different people, this is a place to collectively prompt, but individually refelct.

It is a container for discovery, framing, and reframing as the first step to integrating our creative surplus into our work.

After fulfilling your roles and duties, you might have a creative surplus: thoughts and ideas that don’t fit or don’t exist in language. These become background noise or professional resentment without care and attention.

Critical Business School is a container with no plan or goals. It is a place to get to know your practice. We can show up anew with no introductions and raise above any inertia towards agreement or collaboration.


A series of workshops groups are small (4 people), every Friday at noon ET. Four hours per month, $400 per month.

Read more about the process and the format.



  1. Jan: What does studio culture mean without a studio?
  2. Feb: What is the role of speculative design, and forecasting, when living through speculative times?
  3. March: Coaching Skills for Non Coaches
  4. April: Purpose or Paycheck
  5. May: Where is the Metaverse?
  6. June: Value and Utility
  7. July: Programming and Knowledge
  8. August: Science, Creativity
  9. September: Performance
  10. October: Complexity, Prompts, Resilience
  11. November: Media, Mediation
  12. December: Consistency, Persistence


  1. Jan: Expectations, Feedback, Aesthetics
  2. Feb: The Marketplace of Ideas
  3. March: Practice and Collaboration
  4. April: Living Ideas

Critical Business School will pause after April 2022.